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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


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National Speed Sport News

National Speed Sport News: "Martin Wins Debut In Southern Tour

May 4, 2005
By NSSN Staff

LAWNDALE, N.C. -- Danny Martin, Jr. made the most of his American Sprint Car Series debut by racing to victory lane in Friday night's 20-lap Heintz Performance ASCS Southern Tour feature at Thunder Valley Speedway.

Piloting the Mopar-powered Food Grade Transport/Martin Structures No. 00 Schnee, Martin beat Scott Young to the checkered flag.

Brent Moss, Dain Naida and Butch Pendergrass rounded out the top five. "


Hammer Wins Again

Photo Credit - American Sprint Car Series



Hammer Time in ASCS - Motorsport.com: News channel

Motorsport.com: News channel: "Hammer Time! -- Not the former rap star turned evangelist that's now trying to break back into the music biz, but Danny 'The Hammer' Martin, Jr., who dropped in on the Heintz Performance ASCS Southern Tour at Thunder Valley Speedway in Lawndale, NC, Friday night.

The 19-year-old Florida shoe made the most of his ASCS debut by posting the biggest win of his career, racing to an eight car-length victory in his best 'You Can't Touch This' manner. Scott Young took over the series' point lead with a breathtaking last-lap pass of Lance Moss for the runner-up position in yet another entertaining Southern Tour feature.

'That's the most fun we've had racing Sprint Cars in at least two years,' members of the Martin camp commented afterward, a sentiment echoed by the ASCS Southern Tour contingent of racers. "


The Hammer @ East Bay 2001

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