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Monday, March 28, 2005


Is racing at Bristol the closest thing to Sprint car racing?

United Sprint Car Series Race Blog: Is racing at Bristol the closest thing to Sprint car racing?: "

TONY STEWART- Bristol Preview - From the Voice of the NASCAR Nation:

'Is racing at Bristol the closest thing to Sprint car racing?

'The two places that stand out in my mind that's like Bristol are Salem (Ind.) and Winchester (Ind.). Both of those tracks were half-mile ovals with high banks. You ran at the top of those tracks versus the bottom, which is where we run at Bristol. The racing was so fast it was a hold-your-breathe-type situation. The types of cars that we were running at the speeds we were running -it was faster than what a stock car runs at Bristol. Running those two places is probably the closest thing you can do to get yourself ready for Bristol.'' "

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